ImaJinn Books publishes supernatural, paranormal, fantasy and futuristic romances. We are looking for fast-paced, action-packed romances involving ghosts, psychics or psychic phenomena, witches, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and futuristic in space or on other planet.

All novels should be atmospheric according to the chosen subject. Make sure the supernatural, paranormal, fantasy or futuristic element is strong enough to carry the story. If the element can be lifted out of the story and a publishable story still exists, the element is not strong enough. Also, in the case of vampires, werewolves, witches or shape shifters, the hero or heroine must be the vampire, werewolf, etc., and these story-lines should have a dark, eerie overtone.

The developing romantic relationship between the hero and the heroine is the focus of the story. The stories may be told from both points of view, and the hero may be the lead character of the story. Although books written in the third person are preferred, first person will be considered. Sensuality may range from sweet to highly sensual.

The heroine must be a strong woman, capable of confronting and conquering any threats of physical and/or psychological danger she faces in the story. She is always a match for the hero who should be bold and brash — an Alpha male — and he may or may not represent danger. The ending must be a happy one, with everlasting romance the reward for triumphing over the darkness or evil faced in the story.

Although we prefer Alpha male heroes, we will consider Beta heroes, but they must still be bold and a match for the heroine. However, we do not want Beta vampires, werewolves, etc. We feel these types of heroes must have a dark, dangerous edge for survival purposes, and although they may have some Beta traits, their main personality should be Alpha.

Urban Fantasy Guidelines

We are also considering Urban Fantasy story-lines along the order of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. We do expect a romance or a blossoming romance in the story, although the romance does not have to be the main focus of the story. We expect these story-lines to be set up for a continuing series with the same characters, although we will consider single book story-lines. The main protagonist must be a “kick ass” heroine with the same traits as our romance heroines, as listed above.

LENGTH: 70,000 to 90,000 words


You do not need an agent to submit, but you must query us first. All query letters should include a synopsis no longer than six double-spaced pages and may be submitted by regular mail or e-mail, although we prefer e-mail queries and submissions. If you mail your query, please include an SASE if you want the material returned. If there is no enclosed SASE, we will dispose of the material. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. We only consider queries with story lines that meet our current needs.

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