American Girl is a bimonthly, four-color magazine for girls ages 8 and up. American Girl readers are girls in the formative years, girls who dream big dreams. We hope to encourage that dreaming and to reinforce each reader’s self-confidence, curiosity, and self-esteem as she prepares to navigate adolescence in the years ahead. Our lead time is approximately six months.


We’re looking for contemporary and historical fiction up to 2,300 words. The protagonist should be a girl between 8 and 12 who captures the hopes, thoughts and emotions unique to that precarious age between childhood and teenager. We look for top quality writing and thoughtfully developed characters and plots. Stories should engage readers quickly and have a satisfying conclusion. We are always looking for humor and seasonal stories. We don’t publish science fiction, romance or horror stories.


We’re looking for individual girls or groups who are doing something other girls would love to read and learn about. Find a topic about which girls are passionate. Past pieces have featured synchronized swimmers, rhythmic gymnasts, ballerinas and girl bands. Some of our most successful pieces are sports-related, but that doesn’t mean we won’t consider other contemporary topics or profiles. Look for new twists on familiar topics. Please send queries rather than finished manuscripts.

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Girls Express

This section offers the most opportunities for freelance writers. We’re looking for short profiles of girls who are into sports, the arts, interesting hobbies, cultural activities and other areas. We are also looking for true stories about girls who have had unusual experiences. The girl must be the “star” and the story must be from her point of view. Be sure to include the age of the girls you’re pitching to us. Let us know if you have any photo leads. We also welcome how-to stories — how to send away for free things, hot ideas for a cold day or how to write the President and get a response. Stories should be no more than 150 words. In addition, we’re looking for easy crafts and recipes that can be explained in a few simple steps, ideas for contests and current products and trends for girls to review.

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Craft and Cooking

We welcome original craft and cooking ideas that are new and exciting to our readers. Projects should require limited parental involvement and supplies should be inexpensive and readily available. Keep in mind the skill level of our readers. Safety is a priority. Query with a short explanation of the project and an example, photograph or sketch.

Giggle Gang

We’re looking for visual puzzles, mazes, math puzzles, word games, simple crosswords, cartoons and other ideas. Seasonal ideas are especially welcome.

Pays $300 for nonfiction and $500 for fiction, on acceptance. Byline given for larger features, not departments. Offers 50% kill fee.

All queries and requests for sample magazines should be addressed to: Magazine Department Assistant, American Girl, P.O. Box 620986, Middleton, Wis. 53562-0986. Executive Editor: Kristi Thom. Managing Editor: Barbara Stretchberry. American Girl cannot reply or return a manuscript unless you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please allow 12 weeks for a reply.

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