After Dark is currently seeking nonfiction articles and essays which reflect the general subject matter discussed on America’s largest overnight radio program in history, “Coast to Coast AM.” Writers are encouraged, if they are unfamiliar with the program, to visit the Website for a sampling of the types of guests and subject matter that is relevant to After Dark, the official Newsletter of “Coast to Coast AM.”

The areas of interest are broad. They include life after death, paranormal, psycho-spiritual, demonic possession, exorcism, theoretical physics, apocalypse, Earth changes, weather patterns, UFOs alien abductions and phenomenal sightings, remote viewing, futurism and predictions, animal mutilations, spontaneous human combustion, Big Foot, Mike the Headless Chicken, toxic contrails, comets, scientific and government cover-ups, Atlantis and other ancient civilizations, Fatima, brain science, nanotechnology and other cool technology, that list goes on…

We are not looking for politics, most personal accounts of abductions or sightings, poetry, fictio, or articles debunking various phenomena. We are looking for pieces that are well written, tight, entertaining and in the case of more technical articles, easy to read. Subject matter must be treated with respect, yet a sense of humor is very much encouraged. Interviews with experts or authors are encouraged, especially if the subject matter is appropriately strange, alarming “out there,” magical, wondrous or fascinating.


For your convenience, you are encouraged to submit proposals befoFor your convenience, you are encouraged to submit proposals before submitting articles. This is not required, nor is it a guarantee that approved ideas will be used in any way, shape or submitting articles. This is not required, nor is it a guarantee that approved ideas will be used in any way, shape or form. It is strictly for your convenience, since the subject matter is so esoteric.

Articles should be under 2,300 words, but exceptions will be made for pure excellence and excitement. Average size for acceptable pieces is between 1,200 and 1,800 words, including short sidebars of relevance to the article. Pictures and artwork relevant to the article are greatly appreciated and requested but are not compensated. You must own all the materials that you submit.

After Dark offers professional rates of up to $.20/word for rights to publish in After Dark and to reprint on the Web or for other promotions relevant to the publication and the radio program promotion. You will not otherwise publish the article for a period of six months after its first publication in After Dark. Payment is made upon publication. E-mail queries to Lisa Lyon in text-only format.

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