How accurate is the heart rate monitor app?

Nowadays health apps become the personal assistant for many, and also many brands are promoting the heart rate apps and heart rate sensors. These health apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Andriod as well. The health app can monitor your heart rate with nothing but the front and back camera of your smartphone.

Many people doubt that these apps are accurate about measuring the heart beat information. Now we are going to see about how heart rate apps areaccurately reading the heart rate.

We involve three apps to take reading the heart rate first on is Cardio, Heartrate by Azumio and heartrate by rantastic. These three apps are top-rated among the people. The two type of heart reading first one is nothing but placing two fingers in the radial artery but it takes sometime to read the heart beat manually and the second one is the digital monitor this thing usesto read blood pressure correctly.

However, the most accurate of heart rate is done by manual with the two fingers on the radial artery.

Manually monitor

  • 79bpm (beats per minutes).

Digitally monitor

  • 76bpm
  • Highly accurate
  • Within 30 seconds
  • Single experiment

Heart rate applications


It gives us reading low as 42 to 56 everytime. With minor upgrades, this started to give accurate rating also you can share data with IOS 8 through the Health app.

Heart monitor

  • 74bpm
  • Highly accurate
  • 15 seconds for each attempt

Runtastic Heartrate

Runtastic Heartrate works on both iOS and Android,and this is a pretty good app will track your heart rate accurately by placing a finger in the camera lens, and it starts to measure. If you move the fingers or make a movement, it will give you an inaccurate rating.

Heart monitor

  • 78bpm
  • Highly accurate
  • 10-12 seconds
  • For a singleĀ attempt

Azumio Heartrate

This app also helps to share data with iOS 8 through the health app.

Heart monitor

  • 72bpm
  • Highly accurate
  • 15 seconds
  • For a singleĀ attempt
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