The New York City Writers Group is an online community for Gotham scribes to network, chat about the publishing industry and share job opportunities. Although anyone may join, most of our members are professionals currently working in the media/publishing fields.

The New York City Writers Group Website offers biographical profiles of freelance writers, journalists, authors, poets, editors and publishers; a calendar of upcoming literary events; and a Weblog featuring publishing-related news and links.

All members may post biographical information on our Website and contribute relevant Weblog items. New literary events are uploaded each week.

Membership to the New York City Writers Group also includes access to our active mailing list. Mailing list chatter is courteous and on topic. To avoid spam, all messages are moderated.

Mailing List Rules:

* No flaming.
* E-mail subjects must be applicable to the discussion.
* Digest readers should delete unnecessary text when responding to a post.
* Avoid going too far off-topic.
* Did I mention no flaming?

Posts We Prefer to Read:

* Job opportunities
* Paying markets
* Local literary events
* Publishing successes
* Questions or comments about the media/publishing fields