Ethereum is nothing but a cryp to currency with a smart functionality. It is a scatter platform for developers to make apps and it is invented in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. The propose of the Ethereum is to trade. You can trade anything like domain names, voting, crowd funding and intellectual properties, etc.

Ether is also a currency of Ethereum platform. It is similar to the Bitcoin and also it can be traded around the world. Mostly Ether is called as an Ethereum to refer it, and that’s why is confusing many people. You can use this to purchase it and invest it to its price gets to rise. Well, we can discuss how to buy Ehthereum coin.

Difference Between Ethereum And Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum classic (ETC) is also a crypto currency, and it was created by way of Ethereum (ETH) was created. The stimulant for the separation for this two currency is a hacker who finds a way to steal a worth of $60 million Ethereum coins. So ETC remained the same original and ETH was created as a new Ethereum. ETH’s is commonly used and has higher price value as well.

Buying An Ethereum

1. Coinbase

The easiest way to buy Ethereum is through the Coinbase.

  • Go to the Coinbase account.
  • Count your payment method (Real account).
  • Click the “Buy/” And the entered amount of Ethereum as you wish.
  • Select Buy “”

Coinbase will trade you ETH around a fee of 3.99% by your payment.

2. Buy Through

It is also a Bitcoin exchange; this also will sell you ETH through the credit card and it works through out the worldwide.

  • Go to account
  • Count the payment
  • Click “Buy/” And select the Ethereum.
  • Choose the amount of Ethereum to buy. And click “Buy.”

Read More : will cost you higher when compared to the other exchanges. The fee of 1 ETH is $21.08.

3. Buy Through Coin house

If you are in the euro zone, this is the best option to buy Ethereum coin from the Coin house. It was first developed to French people later it expanded throughout the Europe. To pay for Ethereum coin, you can use credit and debit card or Neosurf.

These are the other exchanges Kraken, Shape and Poloniex

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